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Foundations Course (Please note the Foundations Course is a module included in Ultimate Puppy.) Whether you have a puppy, adolescent, or rescue dog this course will be invaluable in building the foundations of great positive training.

The Foundations course comprises the following: 
  • Understanding the training process and implementing a consistent method of communication.
  • Extensive handling exercises and how to introduce equipment.
  • Early preparation for separation.
  • Managing jumping up and handling visitors to the home.
  • How to get focus and the step-by-step process for successful recalls, early lead work, sit, stand and down.
  • Safety position, hand targets, and their uses on early walks.
  • Simple movements, duration behaviours and play behaviours with you and with other dogs.
  • Finally, what your early walks might look like and how to use various tools and techniques you have been taught.


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